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Sunday, August 2, 2009

ooBdoo.....About Us

ooBdoo.....About Us: "ooBdoo (pronounced oo-bee-doo) is a website that offers to provide information on any subject freely to anyone.

This information may be retrieved by viewing our extensive directory of published syndicated RSS feeds from websites across the world.

ooBdoo provides webmasters and content providers with an avenue to promote and advertise their syndicated content.

Any website, subject to approval, may have the content of their RSS feeds published on ooBdoo free of charge. All feeds are placed into category pages that best suit their topics. Most pages contain a number of feeds from different sources, thus providing a unique, useful, logical and informative experience for our audience. The placement of these feeds, on individual pages, is based on artistic preferences only."

A big publishing site that will publish your RSS Feeds.

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